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  • Important Reminder - Telstra 2G Mobile Network closes on 1 December 2016

    Telstra’s 2G mobile network will close on 1 December 2016. this means any alarm panels, alarm communicators, GSM dialer back-up units, mobile duress/lone worker devices that operate on Telstra’s 2G network will stop working on 1 December 2016. 

    While we are doing our best to assist our customers identify and upgrade affected services, if you suspect your Chubb monitoring service is connected by Telstra’s 2G mobile network you need to act immediately, contact us and organise for your monitoring devices to be upgraded to enable them to operate on a 3G network.

    Please act now to prevent disruption to your important monitoring services.

  • Australian Security Awards 2016 - Chubb Wins Again

    The security industry united on 20 October 2016 to promote excellence and innovation within the sector, celebrating the success of 2016 #SecurityAwards winners and finalists at a prestigious Awards Ceremony & Dinner held at The Westin. Recognising Excellence in the Security Industry the annual Awards organised by ASIAL acknowledges the outstanding achievements of security professionals from across Australia.

    At this year's event the Chubb team was proud and honoured to receive three awards.

    Gender Diversity Award - Reconising Chubb for the gender diversity programs and support for female representation across its business.

    Outstanding Female Security Professional Award - Recognising Chubb's Hailey Page

    Individual Achievement Technical Security Award - Recognising Chubb's Hailey Page

    This takes our award tally to 8 over the last 4 years; the most by any security company, these awards are great recognition of the work our entire team is doing and much appreciation goes to ASIAL an OSPA for organising these important industry events.

    Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

  • Chubb Wins 3 Awards at the 20th Annual Australian Security Industry Awards

    Recognising Excellence in the Security Industry the annual Australian Security Industry Awards organised by ASIAL acknowledges the outstanding achievements of security professionals from across Australia.

    At this year's event the Chubb team was proud and honoured to receive three awards.

    "Outstanding Security Training Initiative" - Australian OSPAs
    "Individual Achievement - Technical Security" - ASIAL Award for Excellance
    "Technical Security Solution (Projects over $100,000)" - ASIAL Award for Excellance

    These awards are great recognition of the work our team is doing and much appreciation goes to ASIAL for organising these important industry events.

    Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

  • Finalists for the 2015 Security Industry Awards for Excellence

    Chubb Electronic Security has been shortlisted as a finalist in three categories in the 2015 Security Industry Awards for Excellence.

    "Outstanding Security Training Initiative"
    "Individual Achievement - Technical Security"
    "Technical Security Solution (Projects over $100,000)"

    The award winners will be announced on the 22nd October 2015 at a gala dinner held at the Westin Hotel, Sydney.

    "These award nominations are a terrific recognition of the work our team is doing to continually push for industry leadership. Congratulations and thanks to all involved in these award nominated projects" - Carl Crowley

  • 2G (GSM) Network Closure Announcement

    Telstra has announced its plan to close the 2G (GSM) mobile network on 1 December 2016. The Telstra 2G network has operated for more than 20 years in Australia and is used to deliver voice, SMS and data services in the 900Mhz spectrum.

    Of significance for intruder alarm owners its not just mobile phones that utililise Telstra's 2G network, it has been common practice over many years to provide a primary or backup 2G (GSM) communication path between many monitored premises and Chubb's monitoring centers via this network. This planned closure will mean that monitored alarm systems that communicate via this network will stop working on the 1st December 2016.

    If your monitored intruder alarm system currently uses Telstra’s 2G network for alarm communications, this component of your alarm system will need to be replaced with an alarm communicator that is supported by a telecommunication network that will operate beyond the closure date in 2016 to enable your monitoring service to continue. In most cases this will require a simple upgrade to 3G mobile alarm communications technology.

    Chubb is ready and able to assist its current and new monitoring customers that are currently utilising Telstra’s 2G network as a path for their back-to-base monitoring to transition to a supported telecommunications network.

    If you suspect your current monitored alarm system is utilising Telstra’s 2G network for communications it is important to act quickly to enable a smooth transition and no distuption to your monitoring service. If you have any questions please call 13 15 98 and speak with one of our Customer Service representatives.

  • ASIAL Awards for Excellence

    Chubb Electronic Security wins prestigious security industry award for its work with the Attorney General’s in the category of Integrated Security Solutions above $250,000

    The award was presented at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney last night (23/10/14) at the 2014 Australian Security Industry Awards for Excellence gala dinner was accepted on Chubb's behalf by Peter Ashton (GM Federal Government) and Dave Gavan (National Technical Manager) pictured above.

    The complex project involved the installation of a state-of-the-art integrated enterprise solution that included Milestone IP Video Management, AgentVi Advanced Intelligent Analytics and intrusion detection. Due to the nature of the sites involved it was imperative to maintain the existing security during the transition to the new integrated solution. To minimise any disturbances Chubb worked extremely closely with the Attorney General's to mitigate all risks, all works were staged and prebuilt offsite in preparation to minimise disruption during the transition.

    Chubb Electronic Security Managing Director Carl Crowley commented “The knowledge, expertise and dedication of our entire team is required to complete projects like this, I would like to thank all of those involved in this award winning project, it is terrific recognition of the work the team is doing to continually push for industry leadership"

  • 2014 Safe City Conference - Ipswich

    Chubb Electronic Security was a gold sponsor at the inaugural Safe City Conference hosted by Ipswich City Council. The conference was established to provide an opportunity for councils from across Australia to investigate CCTV technologies, applications, deployment, legal and funding options. There were approximately 150 council delegates from across Australia in attendance, including 64 of the 77 regional Queensland Councils.

    The conference attracted a range of high quality presenters who imparted information on a wide range of City Safe CCTV experiences including privacy, technology through to funding options and grants.

    Michael Bain (General Manager Chubb QLD) provided an overview of Chubb's expertise and experience to delegates and was a specialist panel member for the presentation on “The Future of CCTV in Public Spaces” Michael participated alongside Vlado Damjanovski, and senior representatives from the Ipswich City Council's own City Safe Project.

    Chubb's Erin DeLooze, Greg Crail and Kevin Francis message to delegates was we listen to our customers needs and issues and then source "the best of breed products" and carefully tailor a solution to suit  the individual customer needs and objectives.

  • Windows XP support has ended

    Microsoft has stopped support for its Windows XP Operating System products as of April 2014, as a consequence your PC based security systems may also be impacted.

    Your PC based security and video systems may be impacted in the following ways;

    - Unsupported versions of Microsoft operating systems will no longer receive updates. These include security updates that can help protect your PC from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software; this will leave your system vulnerable.

    - Without a current operating system you will be unable to take advantage of the latest security and video application software and hardware releases that become available. This is particularly relevant if you plan to expand your security system in the near future.

    - Keeping your system current is good business continuity practice. It minimises the downtime to rebuild your system should a major hardware failure and avoids large lump sum procurements. If your software isn’t current you may need to replace not only your faulty hardware but also your operating system and application software at the same time.

    What should I do?

    Chubb recommends as a minimum you should upgrade your operating system to Windows 7 wherever possible, Microsoft has indicated support will not end until January 2020 as such you will receive important software updates and support for another 6 years.

    How Can Chubb help?

    1. Identify what security equipment has been affected with a quick audit.

    2. Provide a plan to bring your security system up to date so it can be supported by a current operating system.

    3. Complete the upgrade program of works including operating system and security applications in one visit.

    What if I have a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) in place?

    If you have a Software Maintenance Agreement in place you will be entitled to ongoing support and software updates from the security application software manufacturer for the period of the agreement. However Windows operating systems are generally not included within an SMA and you will need to ensure your Window’s operating system is supported to be able to take full advantage of the security system SMA benefits in the future.

    What if I don’t have a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) in place?

    If you do not have a current security SMA in place you will likely need to also upgrade your security system software to a current version that supports a Windows 7 or later operating system. These can be purchased without having an SMA, though the software manufacturer will likely still require that you purchase year on year upgrades to become current.

    Chubb recommends an ongoing software maintenance agreement to ensure your site security system software keeps pace with the latest technology and PC operating platform releases. This enhances your system performance and allows you to benefit from new core system functionality. It also ensures that you have the opportunity to take on new optional features and support for new hardware devices.

    Contact Chubb for further information 13 15 98 or Contact Us

  • Chubb releases new monitored Personal Safety solution for Lone workers

    Employers have a duty of care responsibility to their employees who work alone to ensure they can call on assistance when required. Chubb is able to provide a range of personal monitoring solutions designed for lone workers who are at an increased risk of injury in their daily working environment due to the nature of the tasks they complete while away from the assistance of others.

    The latest in the range is a discrete, light weight, GPS tracking device that can be carried in a pocket or worn in a belt pouch. It incorporates a large SOS button that is easily reached in an emergency situation and provides LED indication of activation.

    Upon activation of the Chubb Personal tracker the lone workers GPS co-ordinates will be immediately transmitted via GPRS to our monitoring centre, on receipt of the alarm our monitoring centre operators will:

    -See the last known GPS co-ordinates of the tracker displayed on a map.

    -Instigate a phone call to the tracker device and listen in to verify the incident.

    -Carry out your custom designed pre-determined response plan.

    -Contact emergency services if the event is genuine.

    -Escalate information to the employee’s supervising staff.

    While there are a range Personal Safety alarm devices in the market, all of them are only as effective as the response plans that are put in place and carried out when an emergency arises. Our ASIAL certified Grade A1 monitoring centres are what differentiates a Chubb Personal Safety solution from its competitors. Unlike many other solutions which just produce an automated email response, we have trained operators available 24hrs per day, 365 days per year to respond and carry out a tailored emergency response plan to keep you informed and in control during the emergency.

    A Chubb monitored solution will provide you with the peace of mind that your lone worker employee emergencies will be responded to in a timely and professional manner.

  • Intruder Alarms over the NBN

    The National Broadband Network (NBN) represents a fundamental change to Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure, it will provide fast and reliable internet and landline phone services – but did you know you will also need to consider how your intruder alarm panel will communicate going forward?

    Traditionally most Intruder alarm panels have relied on copper based fixed phone lines to communicate with our monitoring centre. However most of these existing fixed phone lines as well as ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services are currently scheduled to be disconnected 18 months after the NBN fibre to the premises network becomes available in your area, the first of these will commence on the 23 May 2014.

    When the NBN arrives in your area you will also have a choice of how your intruder alarm panel will be connected to Chubb’s monitoring centre in future, the good news is Chubb will still be able to monitor your premises regardless of how you decide to connect.

    There are three basic ways to connect;

    • Install a wireless alarm communicator.
    • Install an IP alarm communicator and connect to a data-based service on the NBN.
    • If your alarm panel is compatible it can be connected to a voice-based service on the NBN.

    What do you need to do when the NBN arrives in your area?

    Contact Chubb Electronic Security on 13 15 98 or online enquiry and a customer service representative will explain the options, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each and assist you to find the best solution to ensure your monitoring service continues uninterrupted.

    Further Information regarding your intruder alarm system and the NBN can be found here